Yoga | Partner Yoga with Sarah

"Sarah was very attentive and we had a lot of fun during the class. Partner yoga is a good class for newbies too!!"

Yoga | Deep stretch

"I have tried Yoga multiple times and never got the drill of it but with Sarah the experience was simply fabulous.

Her technique, soothing voice, attention to detail and to your own capabilities just made it an amazing experience. Absolutely amazing is all I can say.

I go to the gym and practice sports regularly but I'm far from being flexible and relaxed. Following her classes already made a big difference in my personal performance, I can only recommend!"

Yoga | Upside Down & Arm Balance For Beginners with Sarah

"Sarah is amazing. She takes care of us well and tried to have us utilize the time well by going through as many pose as we could and have our own practice. Warm up before is recommended. Hope this class will rerun again"

Yoga | Hatha Yoga (Level 1) with Sarah

Sweat more than I thought. Love it! The lady’s voice is excellent and push me to the limit but able to adjust my pose in a safe way ! Love her!

Yoga | Energy flow

"I’ve been practicing yoga with Sarah in the past few weeks and it’s been a truly great experience. Her dedication to students is far above most of the classes I’ve attended in the past, she’s involved, takes time to correct your postures and spreads a great flow of energy!"

Reconnect with your belly ! 

Because our belly is our second brain ! When my digestive issue started, I decided to look deeper in the outside and inside world to heal me. Thanks Yoga & Nutrition, I go through this and gain time to spend on what makes me grow !

Better with less.

Salasoul is a support to set up wellness in your life and in your company. See yourself as team player and take care of yourself to get out the fullest potential for your project.

A peace of me 

Interview realise en francais, avec David Douad dans le cadre de sa serie "Paroles d'aventurier"


Let me take care of you !

The Hive 

Societe Generale 

They trust me. I am giving yoga class for office worker every week at Societe Generale, an investment bank in Hong Kong. During 60 minutes, we are releasing the tensions due to long sitting position, by stretching and strengthening the lower back, stimulating the core and improving the focus thanks to balancing pose


They trust me. Twice a week, I am giving yoga class supported by nutrition advice. At the end of each, I bring an easy and quick recipe for the joiner !

Because the yoga is your car, the food is your fuel and your are the driver ! Challenge your speed limit :) 

Charity with Nesbitt Center 

Since 1993, Nesbitt have been empowering individuals with disabilities to live independently, to care and advocate for themselves with the least amount of support.

They create a welcoming and inclusive environment for our learners to engage their talents and integrate within the community.

Salasoul is supporting them by giving yoga relaxation and nutrition class